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Devi Krupa Biography and Photo Gallery

Submitted By Manoj on 21 October 2017

Devi Krupa

Devi Krupa Biography

  • Name : Devi Krupa
  • Other Names : Devi Krupaa, Devi Kirupa
  • Place of Birth : Chennai
  • Mother Tongue : Tamil
  • Proffession : Actress
  • Years Active : 2003-present

Devi Krupa is a Tamil serial artist who has played several roles in Tamil serials. She was seen in the serial Anantham and is currently also in Mamma Maapilai. She plays the role of Shymala in Thendral.

Devi Krupa Photos

Devi Krupa - 1
Devi Krupa - 2
Devi Krupa - 3
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Devi Krupa Filmography

TV Serials & Shows

Mamma Maapilai
Kalyana Parisu


Dandupalyam Police
London Bridge

Devi Krupa Photo Galleries from Movies and Events

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