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Moushumi Biography and Photo Gallery

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Moushumi Biography

  • Name : Moushumi
  • Other Names : Arifa Parvin Moushumi
  • Date of Birth : 3 November 1971
  • Place of Birth : Khulna, Bangladesh
  • Mother Tongue : Bengali
  • Proffession : Actress, model, director
  • Years Active : 1993-present

Arifa Parvin Moushumi better known by her stage name Moushumi, is a Bangladeshi film actress and director, who got the National Film Award for Meghla Akash (2002). She has acted in over 150 films and made her directorial debut with Kokhono Megh Kokhono Brishti (2003). She won the Anonda Bichittra Photo Beauty Contest, which led to appearances in television commercials in the 1990s. In 1996, she took a break from acting and announced her engagement to actor Omar Sunny. After six months, she returned to acting. The couple has two children. In September 2013, Moushimi was named a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

Moushumi Photos

Moushumi Filmography


Keyamat Theke Keyamat (1993)
Moushumi (1993)
Dola (1994)
Atmohongkar (1994)
Sneho (1994)
Prothom prem (1994)
Den Mohor (1994)
Ontare Ontare (1994)
Bidrohi Bodhu (1995)
Muktir Shongram (1995)
Harano Prem (1995)
Vangchur (1995)
Swajan (1995)
Shesh Khela (1995)
Attmotag (1995)
Bisswo Premik (1995)
Goriber Rani (1995)
Baper Taka (1995)
Prio tumi (1996)
Rakkhosh (1996)
Shukher shwargo (1996)
Adorer shontan (1996)
Shukher ghore dukher agun (1996)
Luttoraj (1996)
Soitan Mansuh (1996)
Shanti chai (1997)
Ondho valobasha (1997)
Mitthya ohongkaar (1997)
Ghaat protighaat (1997)
Shongsharer shukh dukkho (1997)
Prio shotru (1997)
Laat shaheber meye (1997)
Lojja (1997)
Tumi shundor (1997)
Sneher Badhon (1997)
Bagher bachcha (1998)
Ruposhi raajkonnya (1998)
Kotha dao (1998)
Vondo baba (1998)
Mogher Mulluk (1999)
Ammajan (1999)
Kostho (2000)
Kukkhato Khuni (2000)
Meghla Akash (2001)
Bipodjonok (2001)
Dhakaiya Mastan (2002)
Major Saheb (2002)
Itihash (2002)
Kokhono Megh Kokhono Brishti (2003)
Big Boss (2003)
Bir Soinik (2003)
Molla Barir Bou (2005)
Hridoyer Kotha (2006)
Ekjon Songe Chhilo (2007)
Shotru Shotru Khela (2007)
Machineman (2007)
Saajghor (2007)
Aj Gaye Holud (2007)
Tui Jodi Aamar Hoiti Re (2008)
Khairun Shundori (2008)
Baba Amar Baba (2008)
Bodhu Boron (2008)
Shaheb Namer Golam (2009)
Golapi Ekhon Bilatey (2010)
Kusum Kusum Prem (2011)
Projapoti (2011)
Dui Purush (2011)
Devdas (2013)
Ek Cup Cha (2014)
Taarkata (2014)
Aashiqui (2015)
Amar Baba (2016)
Postmaster 71
Cheater Number One
Kaal Nagirir Prem
Raja Bangladeshi
Mayer Morjada
Lal Doriya
Strir Morjada
Dushmon Duniya
Sotter Bijoy
Bouer Somman
Joj Saheb
Amar Protigga
Sukher Ashay
Nor Pishach
Mostofa Bhai

As Director

Kokhono Megh Kokhono Brishti (2003)
Meher Negar (2006) jointly with Gulzar
Shunno Hridoy (2014)

Television / Shows

To be or not to be (2012)
Otopor Ek Cup Cha (2012)
Kajoler Ontordhan (2012)
Nuzhat Alvi Ahmed (2012)
Shunno Jibon (2015)
Judge of the TV competition "Super Hero Super Heroine", aired on ntv
Judge of the reality show "Power Voice", aired on Channel 9
Talk Show "Ekdin Sharadin" with Ferdous Ahmed, aired on Channel i on Eid-ul-Fitr in 2015

Awards and Nominations

2001: Bangladesh National Film Awards: Best Actress: Meghla Akash: Won
2005: Meril Prothom Alo Awards: Best Film Actress (Public Choice): Molla Barir Bou: Nominated
2010: Meril Prothom Alo Awards: Best Film Actress (Public Choice): Golapi Ekhon Bilatey: Won
2011: Meril Prothom Alo Awards: Best Film Actress (Public Choice): Projapoti: Won
Meril Prothom Alo Awards: Best Film Actress (Critics' Choice): Projapoti: Nominated
2013: Bangladesh National Film Awards: Best Actress: Devdas: Won
Meril Prothom Alo Awards: Best Film Actress (Public Choice): Devdas: Nominated
2014: Meril Prothom Alo Awards: Best Film Actress (Critics' Choice): Ek Cup Cha: Won
Meril Prothom Alo Awards: Best Film Actress (Public Choice): Ek Cup Cha: Nominated

Moushumi Photo Galleries from Movies and Events

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