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Alisha Pradhan Biography and Photo Gallery

Submitted By Manoj on 7 November 2017

Alisha Pradhan

Alisha Pradhan Biography

  • Name : Alisha Pradhan
  • Place of Birth : Gulshan Thana, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Mother Tongue : Bengali
  • Proffession : Film Actress, Model, host, Entrepreneur
  • Years Active : 2009-present

Alisha Pradhan is a Bangladeshi film actress, model, television presenter and entrepreneur. Alisha Pradhan is well known for her charismatic modern host presentation, she did few selective talk show that really got her the fame as a host, i.e. Jege Acho Ki, 2013 Bangladesh Premier League BPL Auction 2012 Hosting etc. In addition to acting in films, Pradhan has supported many charitable organisations, she is an avid philanthropist who aids a youth NGO "Born To Smile". She has been the brand ambassador of several products, including Cova Chocolate bar, Uro Cola, Cute Beauty Soap in 2012, LG Fridge, Bonoful Mishti, Uro cola 2 In 2013, Dhallywood online reporters, named her "one of the most wanted names" in the Glamour industry.

Alisha Pradhan Photos

Alisha Pradhan - 1
Alisha Pradhan - 2
Alisha Pradhan - 3
Alisha Pradhan - 4
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Alisha Pradhan Filmography


Eito Bhalobasa (Bengali, 2013)
Antaranga (Bengali, 2015)
69 Patla Khan Len (Bengali, 2016)
Bhul Jodi Hoy (Bengali, 2016)
Ajante Bhalobasha (Bengali, 2016)
Premer kajol (Bengali, 2016)
Probashini Don (Bengali, 2016)
Rongdhonu (Bengali, 2016)
2017 (Bengali, 2016)
Monpura Prem (Bengali, 2016)

TV commercials

Uro Cola ad
Cova Chocolate ad
Bonful Mishti ad
Cute Soap and Development

Television / Shows

Shopnochura (2009-10)
Mohanagar (2009)
1st Date (2010)
Life (2010)
Ahangkaar (2011)
Monkora (2011)
Tini Bujhte Parlen ata Prem noi (2010)
All Rounder (2011)
Metal Friends (2012)
Aai khuku Aai (2012)
Lux Music Jam (Desh TV, 2011)
Kingster Jege Acho Ki (R TV, 2012)
Bangladesh Premier League (Chanel 9, 2013)
Star Entrepreneur Adda with Meher Afroz Shaon , Mahfuz ahmed ,Rubaba &Mila islam (chanel i, 2012)
Eid Shuveccha Adda With Bappy Chowdhury Zayed khan Alisha Pradhan Shimla & jerin (R TV, 2012)

Awards and Nominations

BACHSHAS 2009-model & 2010-actress
CJFB AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
Babisas Award 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
MEJAB AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
ATN BINODON AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
STARDOM AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
TRAB AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
CJFB AWARD 2012-Model Personality of the year
Meril Prothom alo National award 2016 NOMINATION
Best film Actress & Best Debutante: Dhaka Reporters Choice Award 2016 NOMINATION
Best film Actress & Best Debutante: CJFB AWARD 2016 NOMINATION
Bangla Cine Awards in America, New York. for Debutante best actress 2015.
Fobana DC Festive and Award, DC USA for Debutante best actress 2015.
NRB Taroka Awards 2016 for Debutante best actress 2015.

Alisha Pradhan Photo Galleries from Movies and Events

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