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Achol Biography and Photo Gallery

Submitted By Manoj on 7 November 2017


Achol Biography

  • Name : Achol
  • Other Names : Achol Akhe, Akhe
  • Date of Birth : 28 September
  • Place of Birth : Khulna, Bangladesh
  • Mother Tongue : Bengali
  • Proffession : Film actress
  • First Movie : Bhool (Bengali, 2011)
  • Years Active : 2011-present

Achol is a Bangladeshi film actress who appears in Dhallywood films. She started her career in 2011 in art film Bhool. Her first major role was in 2011 film Baily Road. She was educated in Khulna, then she came to Dhaka and She is currently studying BBA at Stamford University.

Achol Photos

Achol - 1
Achol - 2
Achol - 3
Achol - 4
Achol - 5

Achol Filmography


Bhool (Bengali, 2011)
Bailey Road (Bengali, 2011)
Jotil Prem (Bengali, 2013)
Prem Prem Paglaami (Bengali, 2013)
Ki Prem Dekhaila (Bengali, 2013)
Faand: The Trap (Bengali, 2014)
Kistimaat (Bengali, 2014)
Shopno Je Tui (Bengali, 2014)
Prem Manei Kosto (Bengali, 2014)
Gunda: The Terrorist (Bengali, 2015)
Sultana Bibiyana (Bengali, 2015)
Ajob Prem (Bengali, 2015)
Rongdhonu (Bengali, 2015)
Kew Katha Rakheni (Bengali, 2015)
Mental (Bengali, 2015)
Besharam (Bengali, 2015)
Aral (Bengali, 2016)

Television commercial (TVC)

Sharif Melamine
Tibbat kadur Teel
Botanic Aroma Fairness Cream

Achol Photo Galleries from Movies and Events

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