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Divyadarshini, VJ Ramya, Saravanan Meenakshi' Senthil, Sreeja, Amudhavanan, Vadivel Balaji, Rajesh, Aparna, Amith, Ratchitha, Kuyili, Sadhana, Lakshmi, Kanya, Priya, Pooja, Singapore Deepan, Diwakar, Jayachandran, Spoorthy, Sreesha, Anushya, Bharath, Haripriya

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Submitted By Shyam on 21 September 2015

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VIJAY TELEVISION AWARDS - The most Extravagant Television Award Ceremony goes on air - September 27th and October 4th at 1500 hrs

Vijay TV started nineteen years ago to entertain Tamil audience now has widened its domain and has heartfelt viewers’ world wide. And now its time to celebrate and felicitate the members of your favorite channel Vijay TV stars who have supported us through this journey. Vijay TV a pioneer known for its flair for presentation now celebrated the 2nd Annual Vijay Television Awards. A celebration of talents, a celebration of Stars, a celebration of Television, a celebration that celebrated Television.

19 September 2015, was a memorable evening when the entire constellation of VIJAY TV’s most popular stars descended on a single platform and set the stage ablaze with breathtaking performances. The award function was hosted by the most stunning and witty anchors Jegan, Ma.Ka.Pa. Anand, Bhavna, Priya and Kavin, . A classical dance performance was given by Megna of 'Deivam Thantha Veedu' fame. A mesmerising musical medley was performed by Super Singer Juniors. Apart from this there were many events that surprised the audience. 'Saravanan Meenakshi' Senthil, Sreeja, Ratchitha, Kuyili, Sadhana, Lakshmi, Kanya, Priya, Rajesh, Aparna, Amith, Pooja, Singapore Deepan, Diwakar, Jayachandran, Amudhavanan, Vadivel Balaji, Spoorthy, Sreesha, Anushya, Bharath, Haripriya and many others gave their best peformance on stage.

This Áachi Masala 2nd Annual Vijay Television Awards' will be telecast on Vijay TV on September 27th and October 4th at 1500 hrs. Dont misst this biggest star studded award ceremony to honor the Tamil Television Stars.

2nd Annual Vijay Television Awards - Winners List
S.No Category  Winners
1 Favorite  Reality Show  Super Singer JR 
2 Favorite Game Show  Connexions 
3 Favorite Panel Judges  Kitchen Super Star
4 Favorite Anchor - Female  DD - Coffee with DD
5 Favorite  Anchor - Male  Gopinath - Neeya Naana / Back to school
6 Favorite Anchor - Pair  Bhavana & Makapa - Super Singer 
7 International find (Non Fiction) Jessica
8 Favorite Singer Sathya Prakash - Ammadi Un Azhagu (Vellakaradurai)
9 Favorite Comedian  Amudhavanan / Vadivel Balaji
10 Favorite Choreographer  Sheriff
11 Favorite Talk Show  Koffee with DD
12 Pride of the Channel Ma Ka Pa
13 Best Promo - Non Fiction Super singer jr - Wild Card 
14 Best Promo - Fiction Andal Azhagar
15 Fav Judge - Female Radha
16 Fav Judge - Male Srinivas
17 Best Find Of The Year (Fiction) Priya & Amith - KMKV
18 Fav Hero  Kavin - Saravanan Meenatchi 
19 Fav Heroine  Ratchitha- Saravanan Meenatchi 
20 Fav Supporting Actor - Male  Stalin - Andal Azhagar 
21 Fav Supporting Actor - Female  Kuyili - KMKV
22 Fav Villan  Kanya - Deivan Thandha Veedu 
23 Fav Comedian  Nandhini - Saravanan Meenatchi 
24 Fav Pair  Office
25 Fav Marumagal  Megna - Deivan Thandha Veedu 
26 Fav Mamiyar Sudha Chandran - Deivam Thandha Veedu 
27 Fav Family  Collector Family  (Andal Azhagar) 
28 Fav Serial  Saravanan Meenatchi 
29 Director  Brama / Praveen bennet
30 Best  BGM Illayavan
31 Voice Of The Channel  Gopi  & Jee Jee
32 Spl Category Award Ramya
33 Spl Category Award Kalyani


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