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Gurmeet Choudhary Part Of JP Dutta Paltan - TV Serial Actor Photo Gallery

TV Serial Actor Gurmeet Choudhary Photo Gallery - Gurmeet Choudhary Part Of JP Dutta Paltan

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Submitted By Shyam on 8 July 2017

Pic 2-Gurmeet Choudhary Part Of JP Dutta Paltan

Gurmeet Choudhary part of JP Dutta’s PALTAN!

Veteran filmmaker JP Dutta, who gave the film industry some of the finest war dramas of all time, including the National award winning Border, is back with a bang as he presents his ambitious next titled ‘PALTAN’.

The war drama boasts of an exciting ensemble starcast. It’s learnt that the veteran filmmaker has recently signed Gurmeet Choudhary to be part of his ambitious project.

Gurmeet is playing a Major and the veteran filmmaker is happy to have him on board for his mega venture as he hails from the family of an absolute army background.

The popular star recently took to Twitter to share the news with his followers and fans.

Gurmeet says, It’s a huge honour to work with JP sir. Since my father has served the army and his country for several years, I've been fascinated to play a soldier on the big screen. Also I feel bringing the life of an army soldier alive on screen would be a very interesting journey. It's a gift to my father!


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