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YRF Presents Aadar Jain And Anya Singh

Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma Present YRF’s New Actors Aadar Jain and Anya Singh

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Submitted By Shyam on 6 July 2017

In a classy, black tie setting with chandeliers and decor that recreated the allure and glamour of cinema, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma presented Aadar Jain and Anya Singh to the media. Popular stars with massive fan followings and role models to youth, Ranbir Kapoor addressed the privileges and prejudices of being an insider of the Hindi film industry, even as the camaraderie between him and his cousin, Aadar had everyone engaged.

Anushka Sharma recalled memories of her journey into filmdom as an outsider, and the significant role that Yash Raj Films has played in shaping her career. Encouraging and supportive of Anya Singh, Anushka emphasised the strength and focus an independent minded aspiring actor without film connections needs to have, a thought that also connects to Anya’s story so far.

As both debutantes posed for photographers, these engaging conversations presented interesting sides to stories of actors’ lives and all that goes into making a celluloid dream come true.


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