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Vastu Tips and Rules

  • Do not keep cactus in the house because these produce negative energy
  • Beautiful earthen flower pots should be placed on either side of main door of the house. These help the entering more positive energy in the house.
  • Do not keep climbers in front of the house. These climbers create problems in your life
  • Avoid milky trees in the house, as it causes health problems.
  • Flowering plants should be planted in the South-West portion of the house. It gives positive energy.
  • Money plant should be planted in the house as it brings good luck to the house. A rock garden should be in south west portion of the house, not in the north east portion of the house.
  • Shoes and slippers should not be scattered all over the house, as this leads to feud.
  • The rooms in the south should never have ceiling low as compared to ceiling of the rooms in east and north side.
  • There should be no noise while opening the doors and windows especially the entrance door from hinges etc.
  • One should never provide three doors on a single wall, especially in the front of the house.
  • Keep cash and jewellery in the safe or locker which opens in the north.
  • The doors and windows of the room must open up outward.
  • The houses facing the T-point should be avoided
  • Total number of doors should be in even numbers i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 etc.
  • A pond or a water body should be placed in Northeast corner of the house.


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