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Toilet Vastu for Flats, Apartments and House

Vastu defines some rules for toilets. Toilets should be very neat and clean for healthy leaving. In old times, toilets & bathrooms were separate and were outside house. Bathroom was nearest to house and toilet was away from house. But now with modern facilities, it is possible to have toilets inside house and can have combined toilet and bathroom. Again it is the responsibility of the members of house to keep it neat and clean.

Location of Toilets in the house

Location of Toilets in the house

West or north-west side of the house. It should not be North-East & South-West

Location for Combined bathroom and toilet

North- west direction


East, West or North-East


White, Sky blue, do not use dark colors


North - East, North or East

Vanity Mirror


Door of the bathroom

North or East direction. Do not place South - West


North or east sides so that morning sunlight can fall in the bathroom

Toilet seats

From south to north or west to east

Direction of Water leaving from bathroom

From the east or northeast side

Overhead septic tank

Northwest side of the house

Heater, switchboard, all other electrical appliances

South-east direction

Clothes to be washed

North-west corner


The main door should not be directly in front of the bathroom


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