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Vastu for Pooja Room and Prayer Room

Pooja room should be given extra care for the wealth of the family and to avoid unwanted problems. The Pooja room should never be in the bedroom. One should never use Pooja room for any other purpose like store. The ceiling of the Pooja room should be lower than the ceiling of all the other rooms in the house.

Best Location

North-east direction. Pooja room should always be on the ground floor and never in the basement/upstairs.


North-east portion of the Pooja room.


South-east corner. It should always be in front of the god.

Material related to Pooja room

Southeast of the room


Never place any photographs to dead people

Color of the walls

White, light yellow or light blue


One shutter door, spring door or automatic door closer should not be used.


Any item, showpiece, idols of god etc. removed from Pooja room for any reason should not be kept elsewhere in the house, and should be properly put in a river.


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