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Vastu for Living and Drawing Room

Drawing room is the place where you meet all your guests and friends. Everyone is interested to make others more impressive and so it is important to keep it more attractive. There are many Vastu tips for living room some are shown in below table.

Vastu for Living and Drawing Room

Best Direction

North or East direction of the house

For East and north facing house

North East direction

For West facing house

North-West direction

Sofa set & Show case

Kept along the west or south wall. It should be rectangular or square, not round or oval


North or West Direction


East, North or South East. It should not be in south west or the north-west corner


North, East and North East


East or North Direction

TV and music system

East direction along the wall of South East Zone.

Color of the Drawing room

Light yellow, dust colored, brown or Light green color. These colors are auspicious and bring peace

Room Heater

South-East Zone

Switch Board

South-East Zone

Centre table

Square or rectangular and should not be round, egg shaped or triangular

Sitting direction

  • Guests: North of North-west to central east
  • Owner: Facing East or North

Family Photograph

Center of Left side wall

Fish aquarium

Southeast corner


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