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Vastu for Kitchen

Kitchen is one of important place in a house. Women spends her maximum time in Kitchen. So it is important to keep Kitchen as one of the healthy place. It is important to have Sun light, especially morning sun rays in the kitchen. There should enough air passage, so that unwanted smells, smoke etc. will go out immediately. It is better to have exhaust fan and chimney to make it more comfortable.

Vastu Position for Kitchen

Ideal location of Kitchen

South - East direction. If it is not possible to provide Kitchen in the South - East direction, it is better to provide at North - West direction of the house.

Direction of Store

Towards East

Cooking direction

Facing East is auspicious. It should not be facing south

Best Color for Kitchen


Is it required for Store room to be separate.

Yes. It makes more comfortable and make it less congested.

Gas cylinder

South- East


South - East, South, West or North. It should be always kept full. This brings good fortune.

Heaters, Conventional Ovens, Micro - wave Ovens

South - East or South


North - East corner


East Direction of the Kitchen

Loft on the wall

South or West direction

Taps and Drinking water pots (Earthen pots)

Northeast Zone. Do not keep water pot near to hearth, oven, toaster or over fridge. Wealth flushes out of the house if leaking water tap in the house or kitchen is not fixed.

Broken utensils and crockery

These broken items generate negative energy, so don't keep them in kitchen.


Broom should be hidden somewhere (South-west zone is best) because its presence in Kitchen may be the cause of end of food and wealth.


Never use granite flooring in the kitchen. Pooja space should not be in the kitchen. Never keep empty containers in Kitchen.


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