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Dining Hall Vastu

Dining room is one of the essential area at home. Even though we spent very less time in dining room, it is important to consider the Vastu. The time which we spent in dining room is one of the best moments, you may be enjoying your favorite dish or taking a cup of coffee with your family or friends. So it is to important to make the dining room very comfortable. Dining room should be neat and clean.

Dining Hall Vastu

Best Position for Dining Room

East side of the house. The dining room should never face the front door of the house.

Dinning Table

West Direction. It should not come in front of the staircase


South - East direction


Pink, Light green, Cream. Avoid Black and White color.

Shape of Dinning Table

Square & Rectangular. It should not be in round, egg shape & oval shape.

Number of Chairs

4,6,8 etc.


Do not place TV, music systems in the Dinning room as it is not advisable to watch TV while eating food.


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