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Bedroom Position and setup as per Vastu Shastra

Bedroom is the place where one person spends his maximum time. It is important to check Vastu for bedroom get good sleep, peace of mind and again peace in life. There should be enough air circulation in the room, else it can effect breathing problems. Don't keep war photos/paintings, demons, one in anger, poverty, old woman crying etc in the bedroom.

Position of Bedroom as per Vastu Shastra

Master Bed Room

South west or north - west side of the house is preferred. Bedrooms on the north east side of the house cause trouble.

Master Bed Room for Duplex

Ist floor, in the south west corner.

Children's bedroom

North West or West

Younger Children


Newly Married Couples

Should not use eastern bedrooms, it causes quarrelling

Pregnant females

Should avoid Southeast rooms

Attached bathroom

North - west or South - East of master bed room


Master bed room is painted with pink or yellow color. Pink color increases the energy of the room and provides a pleasant atmosphere


Do not Keep plants in bedrooms because plants are exhaled Carbon dioxide at night.

Position of bed

Head should be kept South

Fan, Loft or beam

Should not be directly above bed

Mirror or Dressing table

Don't keep in front of bed. One should not see it when getting up

Pooja Space

Don't keep in bedroom of a couple

Drinking water

North-East side


South or west wall


Water tank position should not be above bedroom

Windows or Doors

Better to have one door, but can have multiple windows.

Wind Flow

From south to west


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