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Bucovina Shepherd Dog Photos and Information

Submitted By Shyam on 10 November 2015

The Bucovina Shepherd is a large and strong rustic dog which was for many centuries the traditional partner and companion for Romanian shepherds in the Carpathian Mountains. The original purpose of this Mountain dog was to guard and protect the herds against predators (wild animals or thieves). Bucovina Shepherd Dogs have become appreciated by people living in cities, who keep them as watch dogs or just as pets, because of their balanced temperament and the kindliness they show to children. There are three types of Romanian shepherd dogs: Mioritic (old name Barac), Carpatin (old name Zavod) and Bucovina Shepherd. In the FCI, this breed is known as the Southeastern European Shepherd.

Bucovina Shepherd

Bucovina shepherd dog sitting

Bucovina Shepherd Dog Photos and Information,Dog Photos, Dog Pics, Dog Pictures, Cute Puppy Photos

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