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Anasuya Stills In Sachindi Ra Gorre Movie

Telugu Actress Anasuya Photos - Anasuya Stills In Sachindi Ra Gorre Movie

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Submitted By Shyam on 22 September 2017

Pic 2-Anasuya Stills In Sachindi Ra Gorre Movie

Popular actress Anasuya joins the ensemble cast of Sachindi Ra Gorre.

Popular TV host Anasuyais thrilled to play the female lead in the upcoming 'dark comedy' Sachindi Ra Gorre. 'Its an intriguing movie that is entirely content driven. You cant label any particular character as the hero or heroine. I am trying my hand at comedy for the first time. It's a very challenging role with multiple shades' says Anasuya.

With an ensemble cast full of comedians that includes Srinivas Reddy, TilluVenu, ZabardastRakesh, Shakalaka Shankar, Siva Reddy, Ravi Babu, Tagubotu Ramesh, Mangli, ChitramSeenu, Kota SankarRao etc., Anasuya has to do something special to hold her own. But Anasuya sounds unfazed. 'I'm a team player and I like bouncing ideas off a team that's on the same page, trying to make some cinematic magic. Whether I'm part of an amazing ensemble cast or playing a solo lead or the antagonist or whatever, I love being part of great stories, I will not deprive myself of the chance to be part of a good film because of insecurities' she says adding 'What's most interesting about Sachindi Ra Gorre is that it will have an Oggu Katha (traditional folklore of Telengana) style of narration. Though I'm from Telengana, I never got to properly experience our ethnic folklore. In that sense, this film is a sort of eye-opener for me'.

Sachindi Ra Gorre is jointly produced by N M Pasha, Deepak Mukut and Associate Producer AparnaKitey under SohamRockstar Entertainment and Entertainment Studio is in its second shooting schedule in various locations across Hyderabad.

And, the filmmakers are pleased with the way their hatke film is shaping up. 'Ensemble work is as rewarding as it is challenging. A cast of individuals who are completely in tune with one another is paramount, so finding such talent has been totally lucky. We are extremely lucky to have a real team, a true ensemble. It's mad, eclectic, great bunch!' Associate Producer AparnaKiteyadds 'it's been a refreshing way to approach this crime-comedy, and we feel incredibly fortunate to be working with such a tremendous cast and crew. The collaborative nature of it all is totally unique, and we are proud to be producing this film'.Debut director Sridhar Reddy Yarwa nods in agreement 'Its been challenging yet thoroughly entertaining journey for me. With an ensemble cast as big as this working together everyday of the shoot is unpredictable as each these experienced actors have a different style of working, they approach their scenes differently and everyone work in their own pace. It's been fun all the way so far' he says signing off.


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