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Ankitha Biography and Photo Gallery

Submitted By Manoj on 13 June 2015


Ankitha Biography

  • Name : Ankitha
  • Other Names : Ankitha Jhaveri
  • Date of Birth : May 27
  • Place of Birth : Breach Candy, Mumbai, India
  • Proffession : Actress, Producer
  • Years Active : 2003–present

Ankitha is an Indian actress, who has worked in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada film industries. Ankitha is a former child actor in the prestigious advertising campaign for juice drink product Rasna in the 1980s in India on national TV and was known as the "Rasna baby" as a child actor. Her breakthrough in films came through Simhadri starring NTR Jr, The film was the highest grossing action comedy at the box office in 2003.

Ankitha Photos

Ankitha Filmography


Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo (Telugu, 2002)
Dhanalakshmi I Love You (Telugu, 2002)
Premalo Pavani Kalyan (Telugu, 2002)
Sriram (Kannada, 2003)
Simhadri (Telugu, 2003)
Andaru Dongale Dorikithe (Telugu, 2004)
Vijayendra Varma (Telugu, 2004)
Manasu Maata Vinadhu (Telugu, 2005)
London (Tamil, 2005)
Thaka Thimi Tha (Tamil, 2005)
Raraju (Telugu, 2006)
Khatarnak (Telugu, 2006)
Seetharamudu (Telugu, 2006)
Thiruranga (Tamil, 2007)
Nava Vasantham (Telugu, 2007)
Anasuya (Telugu, 2007)
Vinayakudu (Telugu, 2008)
Tsunami 7x (Telugu, 2009)
Police Adhikari (Telugu, 2009)
Ambu Kuri (Tamil, 2009)
Arjunudu (Telugu, 2012)
Waiting (English, 2014)

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